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. magic in the midnight sun .

18 February 1987
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  • pinkmoocow@livejournal.com

You can call me: Whit, or Joelle
My age: 21
My birthdate: February 18, 1987
My job: Graduate student and administrative assistant in the English department
My master's degree program: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL; ESL teaching)
My relationship: I have been with my boyfriend for five and a half years.
Religion & Politics: Liberal Christian


Anime series: One Piece
Anime movie: Howl's Moving Castle
Non-anime movie: Muppet Treasure Island
Disney Character: Goofy
Disney Movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Book: 'The Martian Chronicles' by Ray Bradbury
Poet: Sara Teasdale
Musical: The Phantom of the Opera
Colors: Aqua, orange, and silver
Season: Autumn
Smell: Dry leaves
Line from a song: "There's a rhyme and reason / To the wild outdoors / When the heart of this star-crossed voyager / Beats in time with yours!" From 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?', the Elton John version.

Almost all of my dolls are based on original characters of mine. :)

Resin Dolls

-Rio: white skin Bobobie March (1/6). Rio is an 11 year old elf girl with pink hair and purple eyes. She is very quiet and gentle.
-Sylvyrr (child version): self-dyed tan Bobobie Isabella head with Bao body (1/6). Sylvyrr is a 10 year old boy with white hair and blue eyes. He loves to stargaze more than anything.
-Ivy: white skin Resinsoul Lan (MSD). Ivy is a 28 year old woman with brown eyes and brown hair. She is Sylvyrr's mother.

Jun Planning/Groove, Inc. Dolls

-Sylvyrr (adult version): Sol Taeyang with minor custom work. Sylvyrr is 22 years old and has white har and blue eyes. He loves the outdoors, especially at night when the stars are out.
(Other Sylvyrr versions include vinyl 1/6th Volks adult Sylvyrr, mini-Pullip customized child Sylvyrr, mini-Munny self-painted Sylvyrr, Build-A-Bear Sylvyrrbear, and and in-progress Sylvyrr custom Pinky:St.)

-Kayne: Lead Taeyang with minor custom work. 28 year old with blue hair, grey eyes, and an attitude problem.
-Mezzanine: Sebastian Taeyang with minor custom work. Mysterious black haired, red eyed fellow with prosthetic arms. Is technically a zombie. XD
-Torrent: Coco Dal with minor custom work. 19 years old; has brown hair and brown eyes. Hyper and generally very happy, although quite childish for his age.
-Penny Lane: Melize Dal with minor custom work. No original character for her. She is named for my favorite Beatles song. :)
-Rosemary: completely unrecognizable custom Pullip (Nahh-ato). Rosemary is a 24 year old with blonde hair and gren eyes. She is very gentle and sweet, and she loves children.
-Mairaen: completely unrecognizable custom Pullip (Veritas). She is a 21 year old with red hair and orange eyes. Mairaen is such a tomboy!
-Kebi: stock Withered Pullip. She is a shapeshifting dragon whose age is unknown. She is a little bit mysterious, but she is also best friends with Torrent.
-Chalcedony: Anne Shirley Pullip with minor custom work. She is 26 years old and has red hair, amber eyes, and freckles. She is a doctor.
-Street: stock Street Pullip. No original character for her, and I haven't even named her yet. :)