pinkmoocow (pinkmoocow) wrote,

I miss it.

I'm looking at old cosplay photos tonight. This is enough to make me post on a defunct old LJ account to say one thing.

I miss it.

There's Shannon in a green dress and a green wig posing like a crazy person in the shower. Fukurou watches you bathe.

I never realized how flattering that five-minute Paulie tanktop really made my figure look.

I did look okay in a black suit, too, didn't I?

Great goodness almighty but I had forgotten the splendor that is Mama Lucci.


Because Sanji/Kaku made sense that evening. For some ungodly reason, it made sense. And Sanji/Sanji made even more.

As much sense as eating in Cracker Barrel in costumes and telling people we were part of a theater group made, anyway....

I'll "yoyoi!" it from the hilltops...

Stars, I miss it all.

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