pinkmoocow (pinkmoocow) wrote,

A heads-up.

This post is to say I'm done here. And before anyone says anything, no, this is not flouncing away. It's just a note to say hey, I'm leaving, and won't be back on LJ. I want to leave this LJ account here, though, so I can access old posts for nostalgia's sake sometimes. Because I'm a really nostalgic person and, good gravy, I miss the past, always.

In case anyone's interested in the present-day me, hey, I'm in the master's of fine arts program now at my university, writing a young adult fantasy novel, -really- writing it, with editors and everything. Exciting!! And I've also managed to turn myself into a much more generally sane person--as in, I'm only insane in the proper situations. XP My anxiety and stress is so much better since changing graduate programs, oh gosh. And I play Warcraft now. I think that helps. XD Seriously! Having something to be into, that helps. Plus, it hasn't devoured my soul (yet), so that's good.

Anyway, it's been fun, LJ. It's been wild. Love, luck, and lollipops. :)

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